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We are a Geneva-based technology business

Acuity means the ability to think and see clearly. This is what we provide for you. Our products allow your business to take advantage of the opportunities around you while not getting lost in the fast-paced world of modern electronics.

We aim to always be the cutting edge of technology, providing our clients with the high quality insights and solutions while simultaneously giving back to the computer science community through research and innovation.

Our team is comprised of talented designers, developers, data scientists and researchers who are passionate about their fields and dedicated to always getting the best results.

Providing high quality enterprise solutions for your needs

We believe that anything is achievable through technology. Take a look at some of the things we can do for you.

  • Website development, deployment and management.
  • Predictive business models using advanced machine learning tools.

Using the only the latest and greatest

We leverage the full power of technology to obtain the most robust results. By using multiple modern techniqes, we are able to handle diverse use-cases with personalization and disruptive efficiency.

Offering decisive quality, without fail

We are committed to maintaining the highest standard possible in all of our products. Our well-maintained development pipeline and analytical planning allows us to produce unique solutions with accurate responses to any need.

We want to revolutionize the way businesses use the innovations surrounding them to better cater to their clients.


How We Like to Work

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Getting to Know You

We love to get to know our clients on a personal level. Knowing what drives your mission, what you stand for and what your provide helps us create the best product to fit your needs.


 Using various modern techniques, we create a robust product which can help you get ahead of the competition whether it be by clean appearance or accurate forecasing and strategic planning.

Final Product

We finish off your product with a shiny new wrapping and a set of fancy custom instructions that allow you to get the most out of our work. We also provide setup service so that you don't have to get caught up in the technological tedium.

Project Maintenance

We believe that our work is never finished. Whether you need consistent hosting, analytics or updates, we can provide personal support for your project in the long term.


Here's what we have to offer you

Website development

We manage your website from start to finish. From the design phase to deployment, we equip you with the tools you need to leverage the growing internet.

By making use of modern tools such as bootstrap, we create websites that will reflect your amazing business and draw in more customers.

We also cover all the hassles of running a website such as hosting, ssl security and domain emails so that you can focus on your products.

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Machine Learning

With the fast-growing availability of data, machine learning is one of the rising stars of modern technology. Almost every company at the forefront of their business makes use of powerful modelling tools to enhance their services.

By making use of the data surrounding you, we build predictive models to help you make better decisions regarding your business

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We Are Located in

Geneva, Switzerland